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PROJEKT 50to50

Starting on 20.07.2023.

Let’s get moving to be in motion.
To ultimately stay in motion.


50 days. 50 runs. 

"Projekt50to50 is about celebrating life. Making ourselves aware of how far we've come. And reminding ourselves with each day and each step that we are capable of more than we ever thought possible."


Projekt50to50 is a very personal project.

One where I plan to go running every day for 50 days. 50 days - until my 50th birthday.

It's about celebrating life. In motion. To remind myself and others that we are all capable of more than we ever thought possible. Above all, to remember how far we've already come.

Despite all the resistance and obstacles. Despite all the doubts.

Let’s start and keep moving. Outside. Alone or together. Long or short. Fast or slow. Whether running, hiking or walking. Starting again and again. And keeping going. One step at a time. With joy in the matter. That is the idea.


So  please understand Projekt50to50 as an invitation. As an impulse. Perhaps even as a motivation to get moving yourself. Or to stay in motion.


Projekt50to50 is not an attempt to run marathons every day again. To set new records. Or to celebrate an "higher, faster, further" mindset. It’s not about comparing or measuring yourself against others. Not about applause.

If you want to accompany me and Projekt50to50 live and / or on social media.

There I will regularly state where and when I can be joined running.
If you run yourself and want to connect, tag me / my account and use the hashtag: #projekt50to50


I am looking forward to seeing you.

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